for building projects

The MIND-i Building Project Platform™ is metagovernance for capital building projects that makes asset development’s cost and risk knowable, visible, and predictable.


MIND-i Building Project Platform

Your solution for managing building project risk upstream.

  • Mitigate Failures

    Mitigate Failures

    Integrates blockchain-driven knowledge capture, scope certainty, and project controls

  • Protect Capital

    Protect Capital

    Preserves target ROI, capital, and asset value

  • Metagovernance


    Provides a fair and neutral framework integrating complex, federated stakeholders with common yet divergent interests

  • Warranty Scope

    Warranty Scope

    Grants scope certainty on a per-project basis

  • Control Risk

    Control Risk

    Helps Owners manage building risk, mitigate loss on escalation and contract change

  • Preserve Equity

    Preserve Equity

    Delivers tangible benefits to every stakeholder's bottom line

MIND-i puts
Project Owners
in control

Know precisely how and when your project will be delivered – and most importantly – what it will cost before going to contract.

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MIND-i protects
Risk Industry Professionals
by uncovering risks

Uncover upstream construction risks with blacklight precision.

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MIND-i helps
A&E Professionals
monetize their expertise
and design

MIND-i helps your projects run more smoothly when everyone is aligned and helps monetize the value of your knowledge and expertise as well as design.

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MIND-i allows
Construction Professionals
to bid with confidence

Just knowing what everyone has agreed to is the difference between moving forward or stalling out.

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