MIND-i protects Risk Industry Professionals by transforming the way we see and manage building project risk.

We are transforming the way we see and manage building project risk.

What if you could put upstream construction risks under a unique black light?

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ transforms how we identify, mitigate and manage construction risk early.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ uses data and analytics to monitor, detect and manage building project risks from the planning and design phase through construction.

Our suite of intelligent unified agreements features well-defined scopes of services for project participants and clearly differentiates design from construction. MIND-i contracts allocate risk appropriately consistent with traditional insurable and transferrable risk. What’s more, our contracts are platform-native and integrated with project workflows.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ captures granular data, provides context, and creates a reliable record of the planning, design, and delivery process. Our platform facilitates rapid claims assessment and processing.

Because managing risk in the pre-construction phase is not just critical to managing other construction-specific lines of insurance – it’s vital to the bottom lines of insureds and insurers.

We know the devil is in the details.

Our platform’s intelligence is ‘aware’ of stakeholders’ roles, responsibilities, and risk allocations and implements integrated risk engineering to project stakeholders, data, and workflows.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ not only captures the kind of granular data necessary to mitigate risk and reduce the frequency and severity of losses, Platform data supports underwriting first-party construction risk coverages and prompt claims processing.

Because in the risk industry, knowledge is power – with construction risk, data and analytics are the new superpowers.