For Project Owners MBPP™ is the best tool for managing contractual risks on building projects.

We’re transforming the way major capital building projects happen.

What if everyone was on the same page from the beginning when managing major capital building projects?

The MIND-i Building Project Platform™ transforms how building owners, and design and construction professionals manage risk and get projects done.

Our suite of intelligent unified agreements features clear terms and a well-defined scope of services and deliverables. MIND-i contracts are harmonious, allocating risk appropriately and consistent with traditional insurable and transferrable risk. What’s more, our contracts are platform-native and fully integrated with project metagovernance and workflows.

Look. When you start with clear objectives, the right team, and agreements embedded in the planning, design, and construction process, the result is a good project outcome for your business – and your company’s bottom line.

We know the devil is in the details.

There are enough “gotchas” in day-to-day business; who needs more of them when undertaking a capital project?

Developing a project that meets your objectives with cost and timeframe is critical to you and your stakeholders. Our platform helps owners derive a reliable project scope and get a reliable price and schedule for construction. MBPP™ refines your needs analysis and enables you to assemble the project team, reconcile pro forma assumptions, and validate project feasibility to establish a realistic basis for design.

The platform is hyper-vigilant. It monitors the planning, design and construction process and workflows for migration from established parameters and scope changes. MBPP™ alerts the project team with an appropriate response and empowers project owners with ‘situation awareness’ and holistic ‘project sight.’

Because not knowing what you don’t know isn’t good for your peace of mind or your firm’s bottom line

We put you in control of your projects.

Whether it’s unexpected contingencies, cost overruns, or project delays, new threats can emerge around every corner. We’ll show you how to set the objectives, so you can see around those corners to keep your project under control.

Starting with your pro forma and objectives, MIND-i reveals and validates project scope, letting you monitor and track every change in planning and construction phase workflow. Every step of the way, our platform shows what you need to know in a simple, easy-to-consume visual information display every step of the way. Plus, the MBPP™ platform automates payment and facilitates construction funds administration, bank certifications, and reporting.

Because peace of mind comes from being able to align your management capabilities with your building project challenges.