Building Information Modeling
We help owners and project teams build robust information models to mitigate building risk.

The problem isn’t whether
or if BIM — it’s governance

We help owners and their respective project teams build robust information models that mitigate building risk.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ allows project participants to share models and leverage information as a risk mitigant.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ utilizes a Layered Information Development Protocol® that enhances scope visibility and imparts 'project sight' to project stakeholders. Together, with features of platform-native BIM applications, Comprise® and Comprice® make it possible for stakeholders to derive dependable project scope and understanding reliably.

Intrinsically BIM

Project scope discovery and development is typically complex and a technical modeling feat. All project information has provenance, ownership, and relevance. The use (or misuse) of project information has potential consequences requiring that its provenance and reliability be verified and its distribution be timely and controlled.