MIND-i allows Construction Professionals to bid with confidence.

Transforming the way major capital building projects get done.

What if everyone was on the same page when delivering major capital building projects?

The MIND-i Building Project Platform™ is transforming how construction, A&E professionals, and owners manage project risk and get projects done.

Our suite of intelligent, unified agreements features transparent terms, conditions, and contract documents that fully define the work. MIND-i construction services agreements feature risk allocations, liability, and indemnity caps consistent with the work and related construction services. What's more, our contracts are platform-native and fully integrated with project metagovernance and workflows.

Look. When you start with fully developed plans and specifications, and a fair contract that allocates risk appropriately, it's good for your business and your company's bottom line.

We know the devil is in the details.

There are enough "gotchas" in construction from lapses in scope, coordination, and responsibility carried forward from planning and design to construction to 'unknowable unknowns.' MIND-i Building Project Platform™ fully integrates design with construction in the pre-construction phase to mitigate downstream construction risk.

MBPP™ analytics ensures qualified bidders submit only complete bids based on the warrantied scope. Plus, you'll be better positioned to compete on capability, management, and service — and not solely on price. MBPP™ rewards the risk-mitigating benefits of knowledge exchange, and open information MBPP™ risk engineering lowers project cost and risk, and the ‘cost of risk' supports by creating a clear economic incentive for higher construction management fees and a higher level of engagement.

Because getting blindsided (by what you don't know or can't see) isn't good for your peace of mind — or your company's bottom line.

Helping you maintain control of construction.

MBPP™ not only provides exception scope visibility during the bid process. Plus, it offers construction professionals precise, reliable illustrations of procurements, status, cashflow, and earned value during construction.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ efficiently automates and facilitates preparing, submitting and resolving requests for information (RFIs), payment requests, change requests and change orders.

Peace of mind comes from accepting the risk that you can see, manage, and profit from.