MIND-i helps A&E Professionals
monetize their expertise and design.

Transforming the way major capital building projects get done.

What if everyone was on the same page when managing major capital building projects?

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ is transforming how A&E, construction professionals, and project owners manage project risk and get projects done.

Our suite of intelligent, unified agreements features clear terms and scope of services with well-defined deliverables. MIND-i contracts are harmonious, allocating risk appropriately and consistent with traditional indemnities and insurable risk. What's more, our contracts are platform-native and fully integrated with project metagovernance and workflows and preserve design authors' copyright.

Look. When you start with clear programmatic objectives, a clearly defined scope of services, and a fair contract that allocates risk appropriately, it's good for your business and your firm's bottom line.

We know the devil is in the details.

There are enough "gotchas" in project management and the design process. MIND-i captures inter-disciplinary knowledge exchange during the design to enhance planning coordination and mitigate upstream construction risk.

MIND-i metagovernance creates a framework for open knowledge exchange and information sharing between A&E and construction professionals without swapping risks. As a result, A&E professionals can collaborate without directing means and methods, and construction professionals can collaborate without practicing design.

Our platform intelligence distinguishes work-in-progress from validated milestone deliverables, and enhances compliance with specs, standards, and performance requirements. MBPP™ protects design professionals' IP and captures and documents unique works.

Monetizing your practice's knowledge and expertise and its design capabilities... Now that’s good for your firm's bottom line.

We help you maintain control of your design.

The design process requires robust collaboration, coordination, and communication. From integrating the owner's objectives and programmatic requirements to fully developing plans and specs, MBPP™ reveals unparalleled project insight to A&E professionals resulting in better design decisions.

MIND-i Building Project Platform™ comprises BIM-based project planning and delivery infrastructure eliminating the need for a tertiary BIM execution plan (BIMxP).

Because peace of mind comes from the successful realization of good design.